Shameful attempt by County Commissioner McKinlay

Commissioner McKinlay shamefully attempts to discredit the National Disabled Veteran Business Council’s efforts of true advocacy for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses in the County.¬† The NDVBC is an advocacy for Veterans in business¬† and with National Recognition from the VA Central Office in Washington, DC, as a Veteran Service Organization, Commissioner McKinlay attempts to minimize this recognition and delegitimize our field tested Veteran initiatives that EMPOWER Veterans and not ENTITLE them, while administrator Baker rattles off the statistics of the Veteran services within the County, of which none offer the services the NDVBC offers (at no cost), then states our services are not needed.¬† A two billion dollar County budget, and the Commissioner’s love and admiration for those that served our Country are given a $286k budget for all of the services the County offers Veterans, many of which are duplicitous of the VA.