Available Internship for VetHouse

The National Disabled Veteran Business Council, Inc. is offering a 6 month internship for post 9/11 Service Connected Disabled Combat Veterans. Upon the successful completion, the individual is guaranteed full-time employment with the Veteran Service Organization. The candidate will have an opportunity to reside in the 6 bedroom 8 bath home located in a high end gated community in a resort like setting in Palm Beach County Florida.
The agency is currently developing a program called VetHouse, which highlights the positive interactions among the resident veterans. The Veterans must have a limitation that is an obstacle to employment and is not currently being treated for physiological/substance abuse issues.

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Interested Veterans Contact: Michael Bolduc, Executive Director 561.289.7308

Veteran Community Resources

Veteran Community Resources is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization founded by the leadership of The National Disabled Veteran Business Council, Inc. (NDVBC) to provide empowerment programs such as training, employment and affordable housing for the Veteran community. VCR’s newest Veteran Initiative is the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program and it was developed in conjunction with the USDA and from the support of the NDVBC’s VetForce initiative.

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The National Disabled Veteran Business Council, Inc.

NDVBC is a 501 (c) 19 Veteran Service Organization headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL and is an advocate for Veteran and Disabled Veteran Business Owners across the country, coupled with accountability and oversight for Veteran Initiatives. The NDVBC has lobbied, supported, and assisted positive legislation for Veteran Owned Businesses.

Veteran Community Resources 501 (c) 3

Veteran Community Resources:
A 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization founded for the purposes of providing empowerment programs such as; Training, Employment and Affordable Housing for the Veteran Community.

Veteran Community Resources was initially named Florida Friends for Life and was founded in 2010, a registered, not for profit veteran community based organization in Florida, which was initially formed to assist elderly veterans in South Florida’s area nursing homes. This former organization faced extreme challenges with raising funds which caused the agency to become inactive. Fortunately for the veteran community the mission has recently been redirected and funded by, The National Disabled Veteran Business Council. Being a 501 (c) 19 Veteran Service Organization and unable to apply for grants or receive tax deductible donations, this joint-venture was developed for the ultimate benefit of the veteran, which is a marked difference from other existing programs that promote entitlement rather than encourage empowerment.

The NDVBC was founded 2007 in Washington D.C. to address the inequities in federal procurement for SDVOB’s. The NDVBC has assisted these state organizations in the areas of membership development, legislation, education and the training of its members and potential members. The NDVBC represents its membership at the national level, and promotes federal legislation favorable to the business community. In 2011 the NDVBC has developed several community based empowerment programs here in south Florida. These programs are focused on training and employment that is specifically designed for veterans.

Recently the operation of these programs has been turned over to Veteran Community Resources. The newest program; VETFORCE offers local employers an avenue to utilize veterans that have years of experience in the field of construction. The 180 day training opportunity confirms the veterans’ employability while focusing on wellness to ensure job sustainability. Daily attendance as well as attentiveness provides us with an important tool offering third party verification to potential employers. Many veterans experience issues assimilating into civilian life and work. The state of Florida has recently licensed The NDVBC as an approved training provider. Initially the school will focus on construction but we are actively seeking sponsors in the fields of I.T. and manufacturing. Although the academics for construction are the same, the delivery method will be quite different. All instructors and field superintendents will be veterans and maintain a regimented approach towards training requirements. This new initiative focuses on success to encourage and guarantee sustainable employment. Trainees will receive initial construction core curriculum related to entry level knowledge of all trades. The academics will consist of over 800 hours of basic safety, communication skills and an introduction to construction drawings required to create a foundation to learn the various trades in the building industry. Successfully completing this curriculum provides the veteran trainee the basic skills needed for gainful and sustainable employment.

Veteran Training Academy Blocked by Florida’s C.I.E. (Commission for Independent Education)

Although approved by Florida’s Department of Education as a pre-apprenticeship in construction, C.I.E. is refusing to issue our letter of exemption! As we followed the protocol and contacted the Department of Veterans Affairs to be approved so that the Veteran would be compensated for training, we were told that the Veteran Training Academy needed to also be approved by C.I.E.
Upon further review of C.I.E.’s qualifications for approval, the Veteran Training Academy could not be approved on their own, but because the Veteran Training Academy has a qualified sponsor, they are allowed an exemption, which is being refused to be granted, ultimately denying many Veterans this much needed pre-apprenticeship training. We have appealed to the Commissioner of the Department of Education as well as Governor Scott’s office, to no avail, they have refused to address the facts. Recently the Veteran Training Academy has requested an extension from the Department of Education as we navigate the egregious behavior from the State towards our Veterans.