Veteran Training Academy Blocked by Florida’s C.I.E. (Commission for Independent Education)

Although approved by Florida’s Department of Education as a pre-apprenticeship in construction, C.I.E. is refusing to issue our letter of exemption! As we followed the protocol and contacted the Department of Veterans Affairs to be approved so that the Veteran would be compensated for training, we were told that the Veteran Training Academy needed to also be approved by C.I.E.
Upon further review of C.I.E.’s qualifications for approval, the Veteran Training Academy could not be approved on their own, but because the Veteran Training Academy has a qualified sponsor, they are allowed an exemption, which is being refused to be granted, ultimately denying many Veterans this much needed pre-apprenticeship training. We have appealed to the Commissioner of the Department of Education as well as Governor Scott’s office, to no avail, they have refused to address the facts. Recently the Veteran Training Academy has requested an extension from the Department of Education as we navigate the egregious behavior from the State towards our Veterans.